Angela for Urban Outfitters.

Angela, one of our adorable Wilhelmina Models, is now on the URBAN OUTFITTERS website!

The truth about modeling photography.

Your portfolio is your passport!
A portfolio is a set of professionally taken pictures of a model in various outfits, looks, make-up, and expressions. Consider your portfolio (or "book") as your passport to the modeling world, as without one you will not be taken seriously and it is going to be very difficult for you to go anywhere.
The quality of the photos in your book is critically important, a great portfolio shot by experienced photographers not only enhances your chance of getting a break in the fashion industry, it also gives you confidence!

Your portfolio is only as good as your weakest shot. If yo look great in most of your shots, but lousy in one or two, an agent will most likely only remember the bad ones.

There is a vast abundance of modeling information on the net about the modeling industries photographic demands for a model (some of it valuable, much of it contradictory.) Additionally, over the years certain myths have developed- many of which are still being actively perpetuated by companies with a financial interest in their continues existence. Other myths and misconceptions are based upon practices that were instituted many years ago, but no longer work. Still others have arisen from simple misunderstandings.

One of these areas where beginners experience the most confusion has to do with what kind of photos they will need to get started and/0r to become an agency represented talent.

Myth: "All I need to get started is a Polaroid or a snapshot."
Reality: Although a Polaroid or a snapshot might get you in the door to be seen by an agency, better pictures will eventually be needed- and they will always be at your own expense.

Myth: 'If an agency wants me, they will pay for everything I need to get started."
Reality: Contrary to popular myth and lots of wishful thinking, only a very small handful of agencies will occasionally advance money to models and only to those models that have signed long term exclusive contracts with them... plus, the model will be required to sign some sort of loan agreement that will state that the model will have to pay that money back at some point (plus interest)- so all models end up paying in the end for their materials one way or another.

Myth: "I have a friend that has a friend that will be able to take suitable pictures for me to get started."
Reality: Many new models make the career killing mistake of going on casting with amateur looking photos taken by well meaning family members or friends.
A certain quality and/or energy level in photos is expected, and most friends and amateur photographers simply do not know how to help pose or direct new models to assure that the will come across with a strong, professional look.
Wedding photographers, school photographers, portrait photographers, "photo day photographers, student photographers, "pin up" photographers, glamour photographers usually can't produce the proper results.

Believing the myth, that someone will actually sign you as a paid model because of amateur photos or a couple of blurry snapshots, is also wishful thinking, and going on castings with such photos will only serve to brand you as an amateur... making it very difficult for anyone to take you seriously. If you expect to work on a regular basis; you need to visually prove that you can look like a real model.

A "test shoot" is a photo session to enable the model to get suitable pictures for his/her portfolio. It is essential for a model to build a strong book!!!... so yo have to test, test, test, test and test some more!!!
Another word of caution: TFP is the #1 source of model related horror stories.
There are thousands of TFP (Trade for Pictures) offered on the new, most of which are made by amateur photographers with little or no skill. With the extremely rare exception, TFP is the province of amateur and a complete waist of time, a classic blind leading the blind. In fast, the term "TFP" is seldom used in professional circles except perhaps in jokes about it.
Why doesn't anyone ask, "What's the catch?" when some stranger offers a "free photo shoot".
The catch is, the majority of TFP offers are made by so-called photographers looking for dates and/or questionable content for adult sites, and their something for nothing offer is just to lure you in!
The "free photo shoots" will always cost you the most in wasted time, lost jobs, and ruined careers!!
Once you've found a photographer that fits your professional needs as a model you'll need to know what to do/expect at the photo shoot. Here are something to remember:
A good photo shoot is a team effort. Be sure to discuss what you are trying to accomplish before and during a shoot. It is only when you communicate and cooperate that you will be able to create great images.
Keep jewelry to a minimum. Big jewelry or the same earrings and/or same necklace in different shots and different outfits distracts from the impact of all of the images.
Stick with solid colors. A black dress is fine, otherwise avoid anything all white or all black or anything too busy (dots, floral prints, paisleys, stripes, etc.) Bring everything on hangers, not bags, to avoid wrinkles.
Make sure you clothing fits properly. Swimwear, for example, should be snug, with no gaps showing when they move, but they also shouldn't be too tight.
Vary you hair style. When trying to create a variety of looks short hair can be a challenge. For variety, try a wig. Keep your hair close to it's natural color as possible. AVOID chunky highlights as they can make you look older and do not photograph well.
Makeup should look fresh, young, and natural... and also needs to vary in style and color to compliment different hairstyles or outfits. This make every portfolio image look truly different. Heavy makeup, especially in the beginning stages, make the potential employers have to guess what you really look like. (NOT GOOD) Good makeup artist are essential. Always use a real artist to do your makeup and hair.
Everyday makeup is very different from photographic makeup. DO NOT attempt to cut corners by trying to do your own makeup!
Shoes can make all the difference. Bring along at least one pair of shoes with the highest heels, you can borrow some if you don't have a pair. Even though they will not show in most photos, high heeled shoes change the way you stand and give you extra height.
Hold in you stomach a bit. This will give you a more tones appearance, even if you are in great shape. It will also help with posture and add height.
Maintain good posture. Most people, models included, do not have good posture. Unless you are going for a casual look, keep you back straight and shoulders up.
Generally, don't keep both arms or legs entirely straight. Unless you are directed to for a specific pose. Bend one of both arms and/or legs, even if only a little, to make the pose look less artificial.
Don't hold your breath. The concentration will show making you look awkward and stiff.
Don't always look straight into the camera. Instead, use a variety of head positions. try turning you head, tilting you head to one side or the other, or look to the side in some shots.
Don't use a big smile in every shot. Try a closed mouth smile, a pout, a laugh, a snarl, or even a frown... to give some variety to you facial expressions.
ALWAYS LISTEN TO WHAT PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS DIRECT YOU TO DO, AND LEARN FROM THEM!!! They can see what you look like through the camera, you can't!
-bring a bottle of water with you so that you do not get dehydrated.
-a good hair cut of trim a few days before is highly recommended.
-wash hair the night before, but not the day of the photo shoot.
-get a least 7 to 8 hours of sleep before hand.
-do not wear contact lenses.
-come with a clean, exfoliated face... no makeup, light moisturizer only.
-stay out of the sun as much as possible to avoid tan lines.
-do not use self tanners.
Does you book show that you can look 16 as well as 26? Does your book show you can look like an editorial model as well as a catalog model? If you have nothing but catalog looks in your portfolio, then that is the kind of agency you are going to be signed to. You will get the kind of agency you show in your portfolio, so be varied and marketable. All models need multiple looks.
You can have multiple books too. If you want to market yourself in several areas, have separate books for each of those market segments. A lifestyle agency is not going to be able to get you work if you have nothing but fashion shots in your book, so put together two or three different books that specifically target the agency you are going after.
All photos need retouching!
There isn't a model on earth that doesn't have a blemish, imperfection, or a wrinkle of some kind that needs to be removed. Fashion is about fantasy and perfection. All of your pictures should be flawless. All of the supermodels and all of the magazines retouch, so do what the professional do! Make sure the photographer has at least 2 - 3 years experience in photoshop and ask to see work samples. If his or hers book contains images if models with blemishes, dark circle under the eyes, etc... you can be sure your images will look that way too, and you will not be able to use them.
Presentation is very important!
Your book is your visual resume and success depends on it. Would you submit a job resume written in pencil? Then why would you show junk photos in a visual resume? Agencies are much more impressed with a potential model that shows professional PRINTS in a nice presentation book or portfolio. Do not expect a photographer to hand over their negatives or digital files so you can sabotage their efforts to make you look like a real model by printing cheap copies! You have every right to ruin your own career if you want to, but you do not have the right to ruin the photographer's career in the process.
Do not expect to get high quality prints or enlargements from your home print! They will not look professional, they will not have a color match and the colors will fad after a couple of weeks. It costs time and money to make professional prints. Professional retouching software and archival inks and paper cost more then consumer software, ink, and paper, but the prints will last up to 200 years.
-Do not show modeling school "diplomas", amateur TFP pictures, Glamour shots, web-cam shots, prom pictures, year book pictures, cheer leading pictures, sports uniform pictures, pageant pictures, photo day pictures, bikini contest pictures, wedding picture, etc...
-Do not put low quality prints in your book.
-Do not put "age inappropriate" or overly sexy glamour photos in you book.
If you have fuzzy, grainy, trashy, amateur looking images in you book, that is how you will be perceived!
(Also, don't forget, Federal Copyright law gives the creator of an image exclusive legal ownership and the exclusive rights to reproduce the image in any form, so not only is it inadvisable, it is illegal to publish, copy, or reproduce a photographic image without the express written permission from the creator of the image.)

Angela's week in NYC!

Angela is back on the Emerald Coast after a long week in NYC.
Angela is only thirteen years old and tearing up the modeling world with Wilhelmina Model Management of New York, Miami, and LA. She also is with Factor Model Management of Atlanta. Angie was in NYC for a few casting and portfolio updates. Here are some quick looks at her exciting work week*

Here Angela is at a test shoot with Elizabeth Waugh, a fashion photographer based out of NYC. Elizabeth has an extensive client list that ranges from commercial to editorial. You can view Elizabeth's portfolios at her website:
Then Angela shot with Jeff Licata a world famous fashion photographer who's clients include:
Calvin Klein, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller, Louis Vuitton, Bennetton, Andrew Fezza, Emanuel Ungaro, Joeph Abboud, Ann Klein, Bobbi Brown, and Dolce & Gabbana, Liz Claiborne, Marzotto, Johnson & Murphy, Andrea Jovine, Avon, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, and Kohl's!
Jeff's work also have appeared in some of the greatest fashion publications of his time:
American Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, GQ, Esquire, POV, Martha Stewart's Brides, Brides, InStyle, Fashion of The Times.

Please take a peak at his website and be amazed at his talent! You'll also see one of our other top discoveries in his Fashion Portfolio, the lovely and talented BEKAH JENKINS:

Angela then had a booking for Libertarian Magazine that was shot on the streets on New York!

The photo shoot above for Libertarian Magazine was shot by the photographer Ryan James Spencer, you can view his work at:

I'll have the tear sheets from this booking soon enough and you'll be able to see the final product!
Can't Wait to Show YOU!!
Next up, Angie had a test shoot with Devlin Shand...

All in all she had an incredible busy and successful week. For all of the people that think modeling is easy you should walk a few NYC blocks in Angela's high heels for a week straight:)

The Wilhelmina Model Search!

I wanted to do a a quick blog post on the Wilhelmina model search that we held on March 19th- 21st, 2010! We mixed things up a little by holding the search in 3 different cities along the Emerald Coast instead of just 1 search in Destin. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we were in Pensacola, Destin, and Panama City! We were very successful finding many new guys and girl with huge potential as well as presenting the latest development that we've been working on over the past few months:)

Allison is one of the lucky ducks that was selected for Wilhelmina Model Managements agency in Miami, Fl.

Wilhelmina Model Management office in NYC flew down the lovely, Fuji to attend the searches and award photo tests and contracts. It was a long work weekend, especially with his delayed flight in Atlanta on his way home... but the amazing talent that Wilhelmina now has because of his efforts was way worth it.

From the left: Angela, Linda, Fuji, Peter, and Erin.

A few of the models that were already signed to Wilhelmina by us were at the model searches sitting on the judges panel helping evaluate the talent during their one on one interviews with Linda, Peter, and Fuji. Angela and Erin are talented models with great experience in the modeling industry. Thanx for all the help ladies!!

What kind of model are you?

You will be selected by an agency for representation based on your modeling type. There are many different types of MODELS within the modeling industry... if you are unsure as to what type of model you are, here are some guidelines to help you understand your place in the modeling industry.


Male and Female
Ages 5- 11 years of age are selected for two distinct categories...

1. Fashion- the traditional "pretty" or "handsome" faced children with nice teeth, hair, and smile.
2. Personality- freckles, cowlicks, missing teeth, and a great character!


Male and Female
All ages, sizes, and shapes to fit into product advertisements.
Must be photographic.
Personality is very important!


1. Woman:
-ages 12 and older.
-5'7" and over, unless still growing.
(However, in the fashion markets in Japan models are accepted under 5'7" if all measurements are in proportion, beauty models may also be shorter.)
-hip and chest measurements are in proportion.
-hips no bigger then 36 inches.

2. Men:
-ages 12 and older.
-excellent physical condition is a must.
-men can be fine features to rugged appearance.
-height should be between 5'11" and 6'3".
-body tones, but not too pumped.
-jacket size of 40 to 44 long.

There are also, plus sized, full figure, lifestyle, fitness, body, missy, and many more different model types!!!

Marie Elena Headpieces in Miami (Rayna)

Jewelry Editorial! :)
That fabulous Rayna just arrived back on the Emerald Coast after working her booty off in Miami! She is the gorgeous face (and hair, lol) of Marie Elena Headpieces!
Marie Elena's Headpieces are Bridal and special occasions with the highest quality and beautiful design. You can view last season's pieces at:
We are waiting for the new line to come out with Rayna's smiling face wearing them...
I'll post all the finals after they are released.

We are so proud of our RAYNA!!!

we love you!

Sarah and G. Love Music video

NORTHSHORE MAGAZINE turns fashion photo shoot featuring our model, Sarah Frigo, into a music video for G. Loves new hit, "Holla"! You can see the whole layout of the photo shoot in the March issue of Northshore Magazine.

G. Love (Garrett Dutton) and his girl friend, our very beautiful and talented, SARAH... know a thing or two about fashion and rock n' roll! This combination is really amazing! We are so proud to see our Sarah having an amazing career, life, and love!

Here are a couple stills, more can be seen at Northshore Magazines website:

Video of Rayna's NYC photo shoot!


Thanks to Tami, Rayna's mother, we are able to watch Rayna at work!

Rayna is known for her gorgeous red locks! Stylist love to get their hands in that hair and tease away! You can see in the video that there is a great deal of prep work that goes into a shoot!

Here is the final product after a long day of work!

Linda Bennett PODCAST on fashiontribe.

Here is the link to where you can listen to an interview with Linda Bennett, one of the world top model scouts. She talks about what she looks for in her models, why Kate Moss is such a phenomenon, and what really happens in the modeling industry!

Linda also talks about modeling divisons, and agencies that represent commercial acting. She pulls from her years of experience, like discovering Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) and Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls)!

KAYLA for envi prom

Meridian, MS local Kayla is the new face of ENVI PROM! She has successfully completed shooting the National Advertising campaign for the famous prom gown designer! You can see her in their newest full page add in all the magazines Kayla is holding in the pictures above, including CosmoGirl!

Kayla has been modeling for the past 4 years with Race Model Management of NYC, Factor Model Management of Atlanta, Elite Model Management of Miami, and Visions L.A.

You can also view Kayla modeling the prom gowns at the ENVI website.


Model Scout Bennett will be in the Gulf Coast dodgeball tournament!

We are excited to be apart of this charity event! They still are excepting teams if you wanna compete against our beautiful models. Theyallowing 6 person teams with 4 subs, so we are going to choose 10 amazing models to win the $1,000 prize!

Click this link for more info:

Rayna for FOREVER 21

FINALLY!! It took way to long to get a picture of our beautiful Rayna in the window of Forever 21. She flew out to L.A. a month ago to shoot this campaign, however we haven't seen anything from the shoot until now! This was spotted in the Forever 21 in Manhattan, but you can also see her in your local FOREVER 21 right now! Rayna is the obber gorgeous red hair on the left ;)

angela booked Urban Outfitters

Our little Angela came home from her NYC trip! Angela booked with Urban Outfitters for their catalog, and was whisked away to the Big Apple for the week. We can't wait to get the tear sheets from our little beauty:) I'll be posting them as soon as they hit my mailbox!
Angela is a local living on the Emerald Coast and also a model with Wilhelmina Model Management of NYC and L.A. She was discovered only a short while ago and has taken off tremendously! You'll be seeing her alot on this blog...


An amazing model scout with over 15 years the the fashion and modeling industry with top discoveries including, Amanda Moore (IMG) and Iveta Vitola (WILHELMINA NYC).
Peter was the vice-president of NYMC or New York Model Contracts for 10 years; traveling to over 200 cities a year looking for the most beautiful people in the world.
Since, he has created "Model Scout Bennett" a model scouting company and "Peter Bennett Photography"... you can view Peter's photo work in multiple models portfolio in most agencies websites.LINDA BENNETT
Over 50 years in the modeling/ entertainment/ fashion industry.
The owner and creator of NYMC or New York model Contracts. She has found and placed hundreds of actors and models over the years, Theresa Aline, Amy Wesson, Bekah Jenkins, etc...
After retiring in 2001, she couldn't stand not having something to do in the modeling world, so after hearing her son Peter Bennett's plan for a small boutique model scouting company, she could resist. Acting as co-owner of Model Scout Bennett and lead model scout, she not only delivers the greatest talent to the agencies in NYC, ATL, MIA, and LA... she also properly develops and transforms potential into perfection.

Linda also has become a fashion icon on the Emerald Coast by writing for the local newspapers in her very own fashion article. She is now syndicated in over 300 newspapers online! Covering the latest trends and fashion events that this area has to offer.